Working with JAM

There are three primary ways to work with JAM

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PL365 Training

This is the year-round training on The 12 lifestyle skills you need to know to live your life like a pro. These are the 12 fundamentals of successful living that will change your life for the better forever.

In PL365, you orient the way you live around the fundamentals and get masterful in the practices all healthy, high-achieving people know and live by to thrive.

You can start at any place in the 12-month cycle. You start where you are.

Coaching with JAM

PL365 Training primes you for Coaching with JAM on any aspect of performance lifestyle.

You will have gone through a particular training revealing the fundamental skill, the core framework and habits and how you begin developing the routines you need to accomplish your objective. Now you can sign up for coaching with JAM a-la-carte

You can also go "All-In" and start with High-Performance Lifestyle Coaching, which includes PL365. 

Visit RegenUS Center

The crux of living a lifestyle that supports you and what you are up to in the world, in an optimized lifestyle that we refer to as a “Performance Lifestyle,” is this… managing your energy,

For many of us though, before you learn how to “manage your energy, like a pro,” we need to increase our energy.

And now you can. If you are local to Florham Park NJ, or you want to fly in, you can visit me implement and master proactive recovery at RegenUs Center.

Get ready to recharge, restore and optimize the way you live.

One of the primary benefits of being in PL365 is that if and when you engage Coaching with JAM; you want to have already learned the essential ideas you receive in training at a much lower cost.

In coaching, you want the focus to be on your present situation, and on applying those ideas with developed skills, in your life for desired results.

Get in Touch​

To reach out to me and the team, just fill out the form to your right. We'll be in touch as soon as is possible.

You can also reach me at my performance recovery and lifestyle optimization facility—RegenUS Center in Florham Park NJ, where I work with clients in person.

Just ask for JAM!

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