What is a Performance Lifestyle?

It's the lifestyle entrepreneurs, executives, service professionals, and otherwise fully engaged people, live to be or become healthy, high-achieving people who thrive

The “Standard American Dream” has conditioned us to believe that if we achieve our goals and get successful we can live a better lifestyle. The thing is, that is the "second half" of the story. Your lifestyle is not simply what you wear, what you own or can afford to do… the byproducts of your success. 

The first half of the story that most of us miss is that Your lifestyle is primarily about how you achieve your goals, sustain your health and success in life, your career or business...

Indeed, we all wake up each day to be successful at whatever we're up to in our lives; to accomplish and achieve what's important to us. Few wake up to be "balanced and healthy;" nonetheless we ultimately want balance, vibrant health, and peace of mind more than anything else. 

Yet, few of us have learned how, when you look around and see that overwhelm, exhaustion, fatigue, weight and health complications are so rampant.

So how do you go about achieving even your most ambitious goals while living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind? 

You make the mindset shift to “living better helps me achieve my goals.”  Why else would anyone want to improve the way they live, if it were not to have the energy, health and performance capacities to achieve at higher levels and maintain a better quality of life?

In the Standard American Dream (SAD) people are so focused on their success, they fail to take care of themselves, their bodies and their lives. This distracts and holds them back and they need a major upgrade; they need to learn the first half of the story. 

The “fitness lifestyle”—working out, eating for weight loss and muscle building, and taking supplements is not nearly enough. Even a “healthy lifestyle”—eating healthier, exercising more and trying to get more sleep… especially when almost anything can pass as “healthy,” is also not enough if you want to achieve your goals without burning out, or trading your health for success. 

Optimal human performance is a lifestyle dependent on so much more, and that’s why JAM is teaching you the Performance Lifestyle. It’s based on the fundamentals of both healthy and successful living and bridges the gap.

To live a performance lifestyle, you need to learn how to optimize your lifestyle so that you can maintain optimal energy levels. You do so by taking the balance of lifestyle skills that most ambitious people never learn, from theory to practice to mastery.

With the never-before-assembled roadmap, for living a Performance Lifestyle and eventually a High-Performance Lifestyle, you'll learn how to sleep like a pro, and live with optimal energy levels in a performance state that’s key to being both super healthy and successful. 

You learn the principles, practices and lifestyle strategies, healthy, high-achieving people who thrive, know and live by; all of whom have High-Performance Lifestyles.

When you learn how to live a High-Performance Lifestyle, you’ll know what to do, why to do it and how to do it… so you do it—at the right level, intensity and consistency for you to realize the dreams you have for your life.

You Live. Your Life. Like a Pro.

Do you want more energy; a higher level of health and performance to achieve your ambitious goals?

If so, then you'll want to do more than simply workout and live a "healthier" lifestyle; you'll want to develop a new balanced and healthy "performance lifestyle" to achieve your goals and grow. 

Like many achiever-types, you struggle to take care of yourself, your body, and your life, because you've got so many demands on your time and energy from what you're up to you in your family, career, or business... 

You want to crush it, but you're getting crushed by excess stress and fatigue, along with a series of other hidden lifestyle challenges that are distracting and holding you back.  

Performance Lifestyle® training and coaching will help you resolve those hidden challenges, evolve with the new lifestyle mindset and skillset to optimize the way you live and achieve even your most ambitious goals while living in balance with vibrant health and peace mind.

You'll learn more about that last statement below.  

How will Performance Lifestyle® help me ?

For starters, it will help you recover from the excess stress and fatigue of the past, as you learn the new balance of lifestyle skills to achieve your goals and grow, without burning out or trading your health for success the way so many people do. 

Recover from excess stress

If you've been at it a while and up to big things in your life, it's likely you've been overspending your energy for far too long and it's putting the crush on your energy, your health, and performance.

But all of that can change in a Performance Lifestyle where you master The Art and Science of Lifestyle Optimization.

With an emphasis on regeneration, which transforms your energy and therefore your body; it will also uplevel how you approach success in your life. As a result, you will soon, look, feel and perform like a much younger person. 

Live in Balance

We are not talking about the traditional work/life balance here; that a useful concept, but it's seriously limited for today's dynamic way of life. 

In a Performance Lifestyle, "balance" means something completely different.  It's about getting grounded in the complete balance of lifestyle skills you need to know to live your life like a pro— so you know what to do, why you're doing how to do it... so you do it, at the right level, intensity and consistency for you to experience the health and achieve the successful results you want.

Of course, as you navigate the never-ending life process from where you are to where you want to be. 

Vibrant Health

Everyone has some degree of health, but for too many, it falls far short of optimal. To be truly healthy you need to maintain optimal energy levels so that you can maintain vibrant health. That means you need to optimize your lifestyle for energy so your health, and performance can flourish, and that is a whole lifestyle that supports you and what you are up to in the world. 

Peace of Mind

With relentless demands on your time and energy, which is to say your brain and body as well, you will need periodic relief. This does not mean you won’t have a lot going on, or everything is going perfectly with no problems in your world. This means you know how to maintain peace of mind no matter what’s going on in your life.

Over time, living from what you are, before who you think you are or how things are in your world (pure awareness)—the greatest and most important lifestyle change you will ever make—will become your new normal; and from that place, you can change your thinking and your life circumstances with grace. 

This is the secret to living a high-performance lifestyle. 

Success Steps

These 5 Essential Steps will guide your Performance Lifestyle® training, coaching. They are the 5 Core Essentials of Human Performance. 

Step 1

Understand your present situation and circumstances,
Get clear on what’s happening in your life right now.

Step 2

Free yourself from the curse, that capable people suffer from and drop the weight of the past.
Learn how to change your story and dramatically improve your life narrative so you can...

Step 3

Live more consistently from the very best part of yourself
Inright relationship with your brain and body, so you are always, already free, able to be present and focus clearly on the future.

Step 4

Develop a lifestyle that supports you and what you are up to in the world
A Performance Lifestyle.
Live in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind while achieving even your most ambitious goals.

Step 5

Align the structure of your life, your lifestyle,and your goals.
All healthy, high-achieving people have this alignment and that’s what makes them so successful.

Here's the Big Picture Plan

Performance Lifestyle® has been developed scientifically and experientially over 20 years by JAM with the help of a world-class advisory team. It is not just a theory, it's the practice of all essential practices integrated into a real-world lifestyle curriculum, tested with hundreds of clients, including JAM, who have gone through the process (in whole or in part) of waking up and stepping up and into a lifestyle to crush it in life without getting crushed by excess stress and fatigue; the #1 reason why the success of any kind gets derailed.

To achieve even your most ambitious goals, while living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind, as described above, the big-picture plan is the plan; and it can be your plan.

This is not a program you “go on,” it’s a way of life you “get into.” Like personal development, lifestyle optimization takes time as there is much to unlearn and new habits to entrain, only it's got clear fundamentals that you can take from theory to practice to mastery.

Over 80% of what you will learn is what you no longer need to do, but the 20% you do is very significant; it takes training and coaching as needed. That's the nature of lifestyle optimization.

Performance Lifestyle® PL365 Training which starts with the 12 Lifestyle Habits You Need to Know to Live Your Life Like a Pro™ does not bounce around. It’s proven, directed and delivered in 30-day increments, year-round with A La Carte coaching available around any aspect of the lifestyle.

High-Performance Lifestyle® All-In coaching with JAM works with you individually around all five of the core essentials including aspects of the lifestyle.

The 5 Core Essentials of Human Performance™



Move On

Move On







COACHING TRACK 1—Understand Your Present Situation and Circumstances

When you engage in A La Carte or All-In High-Performance Lifestyle Coaching with JAM; the first phase is always about understanding your present situation and circumstances so that we can navigate from where you to where you want to be. 

This process gets you clear on what you’re solving for in a coaching relationship, enables your coach to know how best to help you apply Performance Lifestyle principles, practices, and develop a strategy—a co-created a course of action with you.

You prepare for this...

COACHNG TRACK 2—Move on From the Weight of The Past

In this coaching track, you'll get grounded in what you really are, before who you think you are or how you are in the world.

You’ll resolve 'the curse of the capable' (a psychological-only orientation as your primary ID) and the potential performance addiction (comparison) that can arise from that, which can drive you non stop. 

You first purchase a copy of The Curse of the Capable, JAM’s first book by Harvard psychology instructor Arthur P. Ciaramicoli, with Superbowl MVP Phil Simms.

You will also receive a 180-day journal and other essential resources that will speed your progress to getting in the right relationship with your brain and body,  coming from grounded empathy and changing your story(s) to develop a real but optimistic self-narrative.  

COACHING TRACK 3—Live from The Very Best Part of Yourself

Once you are grounded in what you really are, in the right relationship with your brain and body, no longer distracted and held back by unsupportive thinking because you know how to change your thinking from the only place that makes it possible; you will begin to live with the flow you may have never experienced before.

Living from the very best part of yourself, as the intelligent energy of the universe that is coursing through you, and as you; then, requires you to optimize the way you live in the world.

Your new primary identity will literally unleash your potential, so you don't want burnout, or trade your health for success. 

Now if you want to unleash your full potential, you want to develop a performance lifestyle, as living in the zone and flow, is going to require you are fully supported. 

Includes ongoing Q&A direct with JAM.

A coupon will follow by email that will give you a code to book the balance of your sessions. You can book all your sessions up front. It’s recommended
you schedule your sessions weekly; we can always move the date of a session if we need more time.

TRAINING AND COACHING TRACK 4—Develop a Performance Lifestyle You Can Call Your Own

To achieve even your most ambitious goals while living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind you need the full balance of lifestyle skill that you take from theory, to practice to mastery including 30-day trainings and 90-day habit-building cycles.

For most of PL365 Training for life, and developing a lifestyle that supports you and what you are up to in the world is where we start unless you decide to go all-in on a High-Performance Lifestyle, that includes PL365 training and coaching on all 5 Tracks. 

The key to developing a Performance Lifestyle you can call your own is moving through the 3 Levels of Lifestyle Optimization; 

Level 1: Resolve
Level 2: Evolve
Level 3: Achieve 

No matter where you start, this is the mantra of a lifestyle optimizer. 

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COACHING TRACK 5—Align the Structure of Your Life, Your Lifestyle And Your Goals

All healthy, high-achieving people have this alignment and that’s what makes them so successful. They are not subject to any significant drains on their energy
and time that doesn’t support their mission and vision.

In this Coaching Track, you’ll make the strategic and bold moves needed
for complete alignment for your best life performance.

This is big-picture combined with gutsy moves that free you the underpinnings and you must come into this coaching trained and ready to go as the end game
is the pinnacle of your lifestyle optimization. You are a certified spiritually driven badass at this point.

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That is a tall order indeed, but why aim low when you have one life to live? We have simplified what may take some people a lifetime if they ever connect the dots. For you, they are connected. 

You, can discover it, begin living it, and grounding it all in experience from here forward.

That’s our starting point!

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