John Allen Mollenhauer, also known as John Allen or by his initials “JAM” is the founder of Performance Lifestyle Inc, and a leading Performance Lifestyle® Coach.

He developed Performance Lifestyle as an entrepreneur who got worn down and faced hidden lifestyle challenges that were distracting and holding him back from the kind, level and quality of success he wanted.

He’s the Co-Author of the book, The Curse of the Capable 2010, and author of the new book Crush it Without Getting Crushed© Circa 2020.

PL365®--The Lifestyle Plan, lays out the mindset and skillset—principles, practices and strategy for living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind while achieving even your most ambitious goals. As a result you will look, feel and perform better than ever.
It comes with free access to the year-round support system with topics that coordinate with the five Performance Lifestyle® modules, and courses you can take on every aspect of the lifestyle to deep dive your expertise.
Lastly, it’s a community of people who are all in training, who are learning, sharing their experience and support.

The Performance Lifestyle® Coaching Module provides a unique start to your training with coaching around, what is easily the most important aspect of living a lifestyle that supports you and what you are up to in the world. The Performance Lifestyle® Coaching Module will help you make the greatest and most important lifestyle changes you will ever make, directly influencing your effectiveness with all other performance, lifestyle skills. The changes you want to make for the better depends on them. It also gives you the unique perspective of the founder and those that have travelled the path of optimizing the way they live, to speed up your development process and comes with VIP discount and bonuses all along the way on events etc.

It helps in a big way, but in no way do you do not need to start with coaching. And even if you never went through the coaching module, you would still get grow extraordinarily with PL365, community support and the deep dive training courses. It’s up to how you want to approach things, your needs, ability to afford private coaching and your commitment level to developing a Performance Lifestyle you can call your own.

Through the year 2020, yes, but after that we will have a new staff of CPLC’s (are you one of them?) who will also be performing coaching functions in addition to JAM. Intake support will also be handled by JAM’s executive Asst. in preparation for your coaching experience.

If you are coachable, paying attention and doing the work, that is your guarantee. If for any reason JAM or any other CPLC does not fulfill their commitment, you will get a refund.

<p>In a Performance Lifestyle you learn how to recover from excess stress and achieve even your most ambitious goals while living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind.</p>
<p> The idea originated in the world of athletics but was fully developed by JAM and a world class lifestyle, health and science advisory team to serve those who may or may not be into sports or even fitness enthusiasts, but have exceptional levels of continuous stress to navigate year in and year out for decades—business professionals, entrepreneurs’ executives and managers who are likely also working parents in the second half of their work life.</p>
<p> It’s for those who aspire to live a balanced and healthy, higher achieving life.</p>
<p> It’s not mere health, performance or life coaching techniques; Performance Lifestyle Coaching is all three in one. In addition, unlike traditional coaching models that focus from the neck up to induce activity or on the persons external environment, almost completely missing the spiritual state, the functions of mind and body; Performance Lifestyle Coaching delivers on the lifestyle fundamentals that enable human performance.</p>

A Performance Lifestyle Coach helps you understand your present situation and circumstances. He or she also help you resolve your challenges, evolve with the new lifestyle mindset and skillset and achieve your goals. They will also help customize PL365—The Lifestyle Plan to the level you are at, so you don’t get ahead of yourself, or lag your present potential.

You can start the Performance Lifestyle Coaching Module from the get-go, but no matter what go through PL365®—The Lifestyle Plan, and become a member of the PL365 community, which will inspire, educate and support you in developing a Performance Lifestyle you can call your own in a community of your peers. As they become available, go through the deep dive Training courses as well. This will help you understand Performance Lifestyle® and help you maximize your time with a CPLC

You can buy coaching session by session. The Performance Lifestyle Coaching Module Tracks are designed to help you make a full commitment to the track and schedule your coaching with JAM at a frequency that helps you make the change, and at a discount. You will save between 12-20%.

First and foremost, fill out the Present Situation and Circumstances documentation up front, as completely, boldly, and with radical honesty. The better the data up front, the better JAM/your coach can help you. While a CPLC is skilled, they are always coaching you with your situation and circumstances in mind, as this is what really must change for you to have the space, time and energy to improve. Simply do the work, and you’ll get the results of freeing your energy, from everything that is distracting and holding you back.

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