Handling Difficult Situations by JAM

How to handle difficult situations?

We all face difficult situations in life and ultimately we are in control of how we handle ourselves through those events.

In my experience coaching and working with clients, I am often asked how to handle difficult situations and my first response is to understand what impact the difficult situation will have in three important ways that affect the lifestyle and performance of the individual:

  1. Will the difficult situation create physical or emotional harm to you or others?
  2. Will the difficult situation create financial or legal harm to you or others?
  3. Will the difficult situation cause short or long-term impact on your life or the life of others?

Once You Handle the Impact of Difficult Situations

Once you understand the impact of the situation, you can create a plan to handle the difficult situation with less fear and more strategic response to minimize the negative results. Most people handle difficult situations with emotional responses that can often increase the negative impact. It is important to remain calm, gather facts, and then discuss the difficult situation with close friends, family, or trusted advisors to develop a rational response to a difficult situation.

What to Remember About Difficult Situations

Remember that everyone goes through difficult situations and most of the time things can work through positively over time with the right approach. Creating unneeded stress and working off of fear never solve difficult situations. It is best to handle difficult situations with rationality, a sense of calm, and with the right facts to develop a proper response that puts you back on course to a healthy, fully functioning approach to life, your goals, etc. aka your lifestyle. 

If you are personally facing a difficult situation that is affecting your health and lifestyle, feel free to contact me to discuss lifestyle strategies that will help you through the difficult period and prepare you for any future difficult situations.

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About JAM

John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM” is an expert at helping people achieve more through a healthy-driven lifestyle.  JAM works with a range of clients who all share a strong desire to make healthy changes while knowing they need real support with an eye on success. He is the founder of Performance Lifestyle® Inc—a leading-edge training and coaching practice that motivates people to optimize their health and resilience. Thousands of people have been inspired by JAM to redefine their lifestyle with a particular emphasis on sourcing natural energy and managing it, to increase performance. 

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