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If you are new to my work as a leading voice for an emerging lifestyle meme called Performance Lifestyle, you may not know why I actually became a Performance Lifestyle Advisor.

In my last post, I talked about how I got on the path to becoming a Performance Lifestyle Advisor in two words; but what actually drove me to go beyond healthy living and get into performance living, was a deeply personal experience going on behind the scenes with origins many years before.

To convey the story, the video below is a clip from my participation on the Panel for The Limitless Movement in NYC at NYU. This is a great new organization that provides access to the inside stories of up and coming and high profile entrepreneurs etc, who lift the lid on the realities of their lives and how they overcome limits.

Primarily a women’s organization, both women and men alike benefited big from this amazing day, and the networking that followed.

I want to point out that in the video I reference my family earlier in our lives. I have a wonderful family, whom I am incredibly grateful for. Most families have their own dysfunctions. Mine, had it’s own and the thing is, it was an unknown that took years to sort through and it seemed to always stem from my Dad—not because of what he did but because of what he wasn’t able to do or be for our family.

Ironically, he did so many wonderful things for me and our family as a whole, and still does today to the extent he can; but because of what who he wasn’t able to be growing up, I created stories (many of which were were not supportive) that drove me and my life seemingly off course.

What I learned in that process brought me here and it’s why I AM today, serving you as a Performance Lifestyle trainer and coach and entrepreneur.