Who I AM

Before I am in the world, I AM pure spirit. I flow, and my purpose is to manifest. ~ JAM

John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM” Bio:

Known as “John Allen” or by his initials “JAM,” John Allen Mollenhauer is the founder of Performance Lifestyle, Inc., a transformational education, training, and coaching company that helps entrepreneurs and business professionals recover from burnout and adopt the lifestyle mindset and skillset all balanced and healthy, high-achieving people know and live by.

As a seasoned entrepreneur who’s experienced the stress, exhaustion, and fatigue of modern work life, JAM has become one of the leading Performance Lifestyle Advisors worldwide. He specializes in the evolutionary science of flow and personal energy management for breakthrough performance and quality of life.

He is also the coauthor of the book The Curse of the Capable with Arthur Ciaramicoli PhD, Harvard Psychology Instructor and Chief Medical Officer of Sounds Mindz, on the hidden challenges to a balanced, healthy, high-achieving life. The book reveals the common, pervasive and now dangerous new syndrome that than can literally ruin ones quality of life, called Performance Addiction.

He is the host of the weekly Performance Lifestyle podcast—the Antithesis of the Performance Addicted Life, which is committed to illuminating the new “next level” or “second tier” lifestyle thinking so essential to thriving in today’s performance culture where maintaining balance and health are the givens, not the goal.

Drawing on an integral body of knowledge based in an evolutionary worldview, he uses the analogy of athletics to help people, who may not be into sports or even fitness enthusiasts, optimize the way they live and work, for even better success results.

A graduate of Montclair State University, and lifelong spiritual learner, he lives in Livingston, NJ with his growing family, wife Mariahna and son Ian…

John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM”
Performance Lifestyle Advisor
Entrepreneur | Author | Speaker | Trainer | Coach
Founder Performance Lifestyle® Inc, Nutrient Rich® Superfoods

Performance Lifestyle, Inc.
Phone: 973-535-8750
Fax: 973-535-8752
Email: jam@performancelifestyle.com

His breakthrough perspectives on lifestyle-based performance can be found at www.performancelifestyle.com, on Facebook at Performance Lifestyle and Twitter at @JohnAllenJAM

Professional Designations

  • Bachelor of Science in Adult Fitness, Montclair State University, 1986-1990
  • CPT, International Sports Sciences Association
  • Published in Health Science journal
  • Certified Natural Trainer, CNT
  • Certified Coach, Coach U
  • Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition, eCornell University
  • Certified Nutrition Education Trainer, Nutritional Education Institute
  • Founder, Nutrient Rich Superfoods
  • Coauthor, The Curse of The Capable with Arthur P Ciaramicoli, PhD and Phil Simms, Superbowl MVP
  • Founder, Performance Lifestyle, CPLC