If there is one thing I learned with probably the greatest level of awareness yet (for me) in 2015, it’s this:
After falling on the ice and laying flat on my back for nearly two months at the start of 2015, only to then face the onslaught of catching up and getting back in tune with things (an expanded family, and a new product line just being launched), all of which led to an utterly exhausting period of extreme energy output to get things on track… it is this; we have to prioritize managing our energy more than anything else. Everything else, if we’re going to do it and do it well, depends on it. ~ JAM 

Behind everything, literally everything we are and do, there is the life force that is driving us. It’s always been there, it’s what makes YOU and your ability to DO anything even possible.  It’s real, so real in fact, that if there is one fact of life you might want to embrace in 2016, it’s that “the force” is not just movie fiction, but rather who you really are.

For some, life force is an “out there” concept, like in the aptly-titled, new blockbuster movie Star Wars— The Force Awakens; the latest installment of a 37 year old epic movie franchise that awakened most of us up to new possibilities for the future way back in the late 70’s when everything in the movie was truly science fiction. That is changing. You may have watched this movie over the holidays. My family and I did on New Year’s Eve.

In the movie, “the force” is an energy that certain characters like the old Luke Skywalker and the new character Rey, who replaces his lead role, use for good; the old Darth Vader, and his new character Kylo Ren use in the movie use for evil. Yes, their powers to harness this energy are no doubt “out there” and out of reach to us, let alone most of the characters in the Star Wars movie; but,  they do point to the very real life force I’m speaking of. In truth, right now, at this moment it’s powering all of us in real life and we actually can harness it.  
It doesn’t matter whether you can wrap your head around life force, energy, spirit… whatever you want to call it, at present; this intelligent energy that is powering you and me (our body/brain and personality) is giving rise and life to us and the world around us. You experience this energy directly, daily, and can harness it any time you want. And for all intents and purposes, it’s also available in unlimited supply!
“Energy in unlimited supply you say?” 


“Then why in the hell am I so tired all the time?”

Here’s the learning:

Life force or energy is something that we must awaken to. If we want more of it, we must learn how to harness and manage it, not merely as a mysterious force we must recuperate through a mandatory 7-9 hour night’s sleep every 24-hour period of our lives when we get tired. It takes more than that and the opportunity here is for so much more than that.

If we want more energy, then we must  begin to realize that, at the most fundamental level, energy or spirit, is who we really really are. And if that energy if directed efficiently and effectively will take us as far and as high as we want to go, as us. 

In the performance culture we live in today, where we have access to more information and opportunity to spend our energy than ever before, with seemingly relentless demands on our personal resources; nothing is more important in modern life, than knowing how to harness and manage our energy at the core of how we live. Otherwise, we are prone to struggle, especially in the faced- paced modern world where this becomes more relevant than ever. 

That’s one of the main reasons why a major media outlet is calling for a A Sleep Revolution That Will Allow Us to Better Solve the World’s Problems, as not getting enough sleep (for starters) is undermining not just our health and performance, individually, but as a population collectively, the course of our world itself.

People are tired, and if people are tired it affects decisions and our collective decisions affect the world. 

Today, most of us are over engaged in the world. Why? Remember that unprecedented access to the information and opportunity I mentioned earlier? It all takes energy and it’s draining many of us at an accelerated pace. We are not managing our energy well either largely because many of us have never learned how other than sleep. As a results, many of us are simply so caught up, with so much going on we’re barely hanging on; and this is prompting many of us to realize that whenever we spend our life energy, faster than our body has the ability to recuperate it, we / you are assured one thing— you and your body will struggle in the world, and in every function you can imagine.  

Your energy levels affect everything and everything affects your energy levels.

If overspending energy is taken taken too far, without the balance of enough recuperation, the development of energy debt will follow (commonly known as chronic fatigue). Also, a life a coping with a problem you know is there but you can’t quite put your finger on, will ensue.

As an entrepreneur, business owner and innovator I readily admit, I suffered from this emerging struggle of not having enough energy, for decades, because I was always over committed for one reason or another and didn’t prioritize enough time and space for my body to replenish, recuperate or “regenerate” the life force I depend on every day at the level I needed. It’s ultimately why I co-authored the book, The Curse of the Capable, and started practicing Performance Lifestyle

Who we really are, the life force, is forever motivated to move forward to create and manifest aka “achieve” in whatever roles we play, but when our bodies are burned out, that is when things (our decisions, our lifestyle and results) start to go awry.

Don’t believe it?

Just look at almost any struggle you have, and notice where the struggle actually is; it’s rarely in “what” you’re up to, and mostly in the feeling like you don’t have the personal power, energy or resources to resolve the challenges you face, and or evolve with developing the skills you need to accomplish or achieve and sustain what it is you are up to. Or, some variation of that. When you are revitalized and replenished that struggle goes away; no matter what’s in front of you, you can handle it.

So instead of simply saying that you’re just “going to get more sleep this year,” how about getting a whole new view on how to harness and managing your energy, so you can perform and follow through on all those resolutions you’ve got in mind. Make the biggest resolution of all, that you are going to learn how to maximize your energy and live accordingly.
That’s Performance Lifestyle.

Also, how about taking a look at your life, and ask: Is this workable? Is this sustainable? Do I have enough time and space at the core of how I live to replenish, recuperate or regenerate the very life force that drives me. Do I have the lifestyle I need to support me as the mom, dad, career or business pro I am, and to accomplish all that I want to accomplish in 2016?

Today we live in a performance culture, so get savvy in 2016 by learning how to manage your energy with renewable personal power. This is the one New Year’s Resolution that all others depend on. I assure you that if you do this, it will be a very Happy New Year!

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