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If you are looking for a performance coach.  Health, performance, and productivity depend on more than motivation (in the traditional psychological sense of mental toughness in which it’s usually taught). I coach you to clearly see, understand, and act to develop a performance lifestyle based on defined principles, practices, and strategy. I am a Performance Lifestyle Advisor available for those who are truly committed to optimizing their lives to perform, look, and feel better and achieve their goals. Learn more >

If you want training to master Performance Lifestyle principles, practices, and strategy. Along with a team of associates, I train you on how to live like an athlete—in balance, with vibrant health and the peace of mind to achieve even your most ambitious goals. We offer webinars, training sessions, and ongoing support, so you can make the needed changes in your life. Learn More >

If you want to inspire the members of your new business startup or your team of driven business professionals, executives, and managers in your high growth organization to live in balance with vibrant health. I speak on key topics that enable you and your team to develop balanced “performance lifestyles,” so you can achieve your goals, retain talent, and maintain a high-energy organization that’s happy and healthy. Learn More >