2404, 2016
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Performance Living Starts With Living as Who You Really Are

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In developing the idea of a performance lifestyle, a lifestyle that truly supports YOU and what you are up to in the world; the most profound and essential discovery has been the the realization that performance [...]

503, 2016
  • Who am I

Who AM I – Living as Who You Really Are

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Who AM I - It's the Eternal Question. The answer, reveals what it means to live as you really are. Read this post and then see the video at the end of this post. As the founder [...]

303, 2016
  • Performance Living 101

JAM Introduces Living Life as Who You Really Are – Beyond the Personal.

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Here is a recent call, I did as a follow up to The Limitless Movement panel I was on this past week in NYU. It's a free teletraining called Beyond the Personal - Living As [...]

103, 2016
  • Does Superwoman Know Her Power?

Does Superwoman Know Her Power

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Tomorrow, I am a panelist at the Go Red For Women event in NYC. It's an event I AM particularly interested in because it's about today's superwoman finding her balance in a world where she is [...]

2202, 2016
  • The Limitless Movement Video with John Allen Mollenhauer

Why I Actually Became a Performance Lifestyle Advisor

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Click the playable video below.  If you are new to my work as a leading voice for an emerging lifestyle meme called Performance Lifestyle, you may not know why I actually became a Performance Lifestyle [...]

2102, 2016
  • Health Science Winder 2016 Edition

How I got on the Path to Becoming a Performance Lifestyle Advisor in Two Words

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Natural Hygiene. What is that? DEFINITION: "Hygiene is properly defined as that branch of biology which designates the conditions upon which health depends and the means by which it may be sustained in all its [...]