Natural Hygiene.

What is that?

DEFINITION: Hygiene is properly defined as that branch of biology which designates the conditions upon which health depends and the means by which it may be sustained in all its virtue and purity while we have it, and the means upon which its restoration rests when we have lost it. — It is the scientific application of the principles of nature in the preservation and restoration of health.” “Hygienic means health preserving. Practically, it implies the observance of the laws of life.” H. Shelton, 1968, ch.10

At the time I discovered natural hygiene, though an organization called the American Natural Hygiene Society (known today as the National Health Association-NHA today) whose history spans hundreds of years, I was 19 years old. That was 28 years ago.

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Why you want to get to know the NHA. 

In the time since I was first introduced, natural hygiene has transitioned from the principle-powered health philosophy it has always been with albeit imperfect science due to the limitations in technology at the time, to becoming the science of health validated by several esteemed modern day science-driven members of the Association; with practices, focused on fastingsleepnutritional research and more.

If that weren’t enough, and I’m sure you don’t know this; it was this organization that seriously influenced the writing of several of today’s biggest and best selling books in the world on health, nutrition and lifestyle, such as: Fit for Life, Living Health, Eat to Live , The China Study, Engine 2 Diet and many more. All of these authors were profoundly influenced by the natural hygiene and the National Health Association.

In my view and in the view of thousands of others I’m sure; the National Health Association has done as much or more than any well-known medical organization in existence to influence not only health, but successful living.  Not only did this organization change my life in a big way, it also inspired me to found Performance Lifestyle Inc, and become a Performance Lifestyle Advisor in the world.

I remember saying at that time; “this is amazing and life transforming… and less than 3% of the world even knows this kind of health information exists. What would happen if the other 97% understood this?”

With that in mind, it’s been my mission ever since I became a member of the National Health Association, back in in 1988, to parlay what I learned and continue to learn through the Health Science Journal and members of the Association (some of whom I’ve worked with over the years) to the rest of the world.

And that’s why I ultimately founded the Performance Lifestyle community, an idea I discovered in the world of elite athletics that was big enough and still not yet defined to help usher in a new meme for living that fit’s today’s culture but isn’t a compromise. It’s also why I’ve become a Performance Lifestyle Advisor. It’s my assertion that ever since the information age kicked into gear in the 70’s and 80’s and has subsequently exploded in the 90’s and 2000’s, prompting to the pace of life to move into hyper drive; the need to understand the fundamentals of successful living has never been greater.

Had it not been for the influence of the NHA, I’m not sure I would be up to this today.

Here’s how the story was told in a winter 2016 edition of Health Science. 

Health Science Winter Edition 2016 Member Spotlight

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