Hi Friends,

My name is John Allen Mollenhauer, my friends call me John Allen or “JAM” (by my initials). Welcome to my personal site.

You know how at various times throughout the years, you may have felt like you were worn out or slowing down; you felt tired, maybe overwhelmed and stuck in a routine of coping with stress in ways that were ultimately creating more stress? You may not be have been sleeping well, you were eating in a way that you knew was not promoting your health and you didn’t have the excess capacity to exercise, amidst the stresses to perform in your life and business?

Maybe you’re there now…

Well, as a lifestyle-based performance trainer, coach, and entrepreneur; I help working parents, driven business professionals, business owners and managers in high growth organizations optimize their lifestyles so they can manage and eventually maximize their energy, not just their time, to unleash their full potential to perform; look and feel better too!

I do that by helping my clients up level the way they function and perform in the world, and that my friends is called Performance Lifestyle.

Over the past 25 years, largely as a result of struggling with my own exhaustion and fatigue as a business owner; I’ve have been developing Performance Lifestyle, a new meme for living, with a lot of help from clients and a world class group of professional colleagues. It’s based on the 12 fundamentals of successful living that are essential to living balanced and healthy in today’s performance culture that can so easily wear you down.  It’s the solution to excess stress that will help you get out of what feels like a premature downward spiral. It will get your energy back, correct course and move your forward in a position of strength like you haven’t experienced for some time.

The benefits of which are increased energy, optimal health, a streamlined and simplified life that delivers performance only an optimized lifestyle can deliver with a focus on succeeding or maintaining your success, like never before.

Whether you’ve been feeling overwhelmed for a month or a few years, nothing works better when it comes to producing new and better results in your life than optimizing Your Lifestyle with the Performance Lifestyle mindset and skillset. 

I know this first hand. As an former high achieving gym owner and trainer turned underperforming entrepreneur who came of age during the height of the Internet revolution; I suffered from coping with relentlessly demanding stress in ways that created more stress and struggled with a downward spiral that left me chronically overwhelmed, overstimulated and under recuperated, overfed but undernourished eating nutrient poor foods, super busy but without enough excess energy to keep my body in good condition; and this, really affected my success.

All of that took its toll on me and I was naturally forced to learn how to live in balance so I could get my energy back; learn how to live a healthy lifestyle successfully and ultimately learn how to experience peace of mind so I could achieve the ambitious goals I’d set without feeling like I was being driven a little by crazy!

Like you, I wake up to be more successful every day, not necessarily “healthy,” or “well,” so I had to find a way to make sure my lifestyle enabled me to achieve my goals in a balanced and healthy way, which was now a given, not the goal anymore.

Focusing on working out more, eating better and getting more sleep, wasn’t enough.
These were big steps in the right direction but they didn’t solve the real problem. I needed “an optimized lifestyle plan” so my whole lifestyle supported me. And that was the really interesting part of this journey; discovering the fully integral lifestyle mindset and skillset. And let me tell you’ it includes but transcends fitness, nutrition and sleep.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want to keep running out of energy all the time, or feel like I was stuck resisting all the time. I wanted to flow and have healthy habits to be the default, and to perform at the levels I needed to without trading my health for success… and that meant deeper and broader skills that really gave me the edge.

The 3 core essentials of lifestyle I discovered were immensely moving as they helped me drop the weight of the past, realize that energy is actually available on tap, and that when I approach life authentically, I flow like I had rarely if ever experienced before. The same will be true for you.

So over that 25 year period, I developed the “Performance Lifestyle,” an idea that just so happened to be coming of age at the same time, given the fast paced, fully engaged world we are living in today that requires we live at a whole new level or get worn down. It leverages the inspiration of achieving your real goals in life, business or maybe even a sport as the motivation for establishing a new and improved lifestyle that’s in complete and utter support of you, your body and your life.

When you align and practice The 12 Proficiencies of Successful Living, and practice the Performance Lifestyle strategy you’ll be able to achieve your goals in life, business or sport without selling your health and wellbeing short. But unlike prior attempts at healthy living, something is very different when you get into a Performance Lifestyle.

When the focus is on the bigger picture of your life, you’ll be more motivated than ever to n0t make more out of any aspect of Your Lifestyle than it needs to be. Not less either. 

You’ll optimize the way you eat, without going on a diet…

You’ll optimize the way you exercise, without trying to stick to over regimentation…

You’ll optimize the way you recuperate your energy in such a way that energy will feel like it’s on tap, literally…

All of these changes and many more will improve your life for the better forever without getting mired down with overly structured programs few if anybody can’t stick with for long.

The only thing you’ll ever stick to is “the lifestyle” you design and practice. That’s literally what you’re doing right now, and that’s what will continue to work. Only now you’ll optimize your lifestyle, and I can show you how.

You’ll have the motivation of an athlete, even if you’re not into sports or even a fitness enthusiast!

Remember this: 
Whenever you are not performing, looking or feeling the way you want, look no further than the present situation on your life. It’s almost always the results of chronic overwhelm, overstimulation and under recuperation, overeating under nourishing foods, being super busy but without enough excess energy to keep your body in good condition; and this, is really affecting your success too.

Beyond that, it’s going to come down to knowing who you really are, having the ability to change your story’s about your history, what’s happening now and what’s going to happen, and then managing your energy to realize the future you choose.

Here at John Allen JAM’s Performance Lifestyle Advisory, it’s my pleasure (truly) to introduce you to the science of successful living, and the art of optimizing Your Lifestyle. I will be sharing Insights with you from my experience working with hundreds of achievers at different levels of success, from “Potentialite” to “High Achievers,” all of whom are at various stages of establishing the lifestyle of the “Healthy High Achiever” that works as much for promoting their well-being and health as it does promoting the achievement of their goals.

You no longer need to perform at high levels induced by unhealthy lifestyle tactics that induce performance in the short term but compromise your health and well being in the longer term. Today you can optimize your lifestyle with energy, health and performance enhancing practices only a Performance Lifestyle can deliver.

I am a Performance Lifestyle advisor with a big goal that has been inspiring me. Much of what I’ve learned came from prior experience as an overachiever, and then learning how to do things so much better in the process of launching a supefood nutrition company called Nutrient Rich Superfoods So, you’re talking to someone who has walked more than a mile in your shoes and continues to do so.

I look forward to inspiring you, educating you and supporting you on your path.