PL IconPerformance Lifestyle Coaching changed my mind-and redirected my focus-in such a substantial way, it’s hard to encapsulate my experience! Foremost, to help me see how energy-its management and restoration-enables me to live my purpose and vision, WOW! Before I began I was beyond exhausted. I had little energy for anything but an increasingly sedentary work and lifestyle. Today I have more energy than I’ve had in years-and I get it doing things that are so simple, and so easy to integrate into daily living. This program…blew my mind, and then it gave me back my life. It’s been amongst the very best investments I’ve ever made. And life will never be the same again, nor will I. In anticipation of great things…Lisa Bergen Boles

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Are you a Start-Up Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Professional or a Leader in a High Growth Organization?

Are you feeling strain of increasing stress and complexity each day?

Would you like to optimize your lifestyle for maximum energy and performance?

Hi I AM John Allen Mollenhauer, from friends call me John Allen or JAM and I hope you will too. I work with entrepreneurs operating start-up businesses in the growth stage, where the stress and strain of the gaining traction and profiting can cause burnout hinder your success.

If you are feeling at stress, please read on. I have spent the last 20+ years as an entrepreneur and I have learned what it takes to maintain the energy for the performance levels required to start run and grow a business. I have also experienced firsthand what happens when otherwise intelligent and driven people start to spiral down; what that did to me, what it does to other entrepreneurs and how to change it

PL IconMy current clients experience profound clarity and extremely high levels of performance when they finally learn how to live what’s becoming known as a Performance Lifestyle; a new meme for entrepreneurial performance that I’ve experienced, developed and tested with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years.

If you are a startup founder, business owner or a professional who’s essentially running a business, I already know quite a bit about you. You have chosen to walk what can often appear like a crazy and all-consuming path. You are being pulled in all directions, constantly on the edge of overwhelm.

I know you love the challenge and you would not have it any other way. But I also know you don’t want to do this alone, you want to avoid rookie mistakes, and accelerate your growth without selling your own personal power short. I mean, how much stress can one take and energy is not on tap. Or, so you think.

Your path is unique, but all entrepreneurs go through a similar journey. They start their business full of energy and zeal, and then all the challenges arise once they’re finally in the game as they grow and scale. One minute you are the master of your domain. The next, you are floundering as a total beginner in so many of the functions you must now step into and that all assume you got into business right.

Many of my clients have come to me facing burnout, issues with self-confidence, support, balance and focus.

I have helped my clients completely streamline their business, begin operating it from who they really are without all the self-imposed thinking that’s getting in their way, and renew their personal power so they gain new levels of self- confidence and leadership skills as the company grows.

As a Performance Lifestyle Advisors specializing with entrepreneurs, coaching with me connects you with your true powers. This is powerful work that cuts to the core of what holds you back, so you can step up your game. You have more power, talent and ability than you know, but it will never fully realize unless you’ve got a lifestyle to support your performance.

Just imagine operating from radical authenticity, with enough direct experience that flow becomes your natural state and the skills to literally unleash your true potential.

Entrepreneurial performance principles, practices and strategy is ready for you to begin and it’s designed for you to align your performance lifestyle designed to get you into flow state, the state of optimal and sustainable performance​ with periods of peak performance, with the wisdom to grow your business.

This is intensive and deep work that is been proven and test and its design to leverage group training before you dive into individual coaching. If you are a founder needing inspiration, education and support as prepare for or step into the growth stage, a professional running a business or leader in a high growth organization; let’s set up a brief call that will help us both get clear on the optimal next steps.

I look forward to talking to you.​


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