If you’re like most of my clients, you’re already a high-achieving person who may be crushing it in life, your career or business and achieving your ambitious goals. But to some degree you feel like you’re getting crushed under the pressure; it’s tiring and likely wearing you out.

You’re willing to try almost anything, but with so much on your plate you’re struggling; with so much going on, at times, you feel like you’re barely hanging on.

Does this sound familiar?
I have been there too.


I know what it feels like to struggle with an ambition that outpaces your capacity to keep up. From early on, I suffered from a low-grade, intensifying fatigue that clouded my life, even when things were going well.

I was crushing it but was also getting crushed and it compounded over time. Essential areas of my life seemed to be on permanent hold as my own needs weren’t getting met. And that, took its toll on my life experience and relationships, my health, performance, and well-being.

On the outside, I kept the game face on, but on the inside things were not as they seemed, and I needed to do something about it. I grew to know the answer was not one thing, but rather a new approach to how I achieved my goals and the kind of success I wanted.

Today, as an entrepreneur and a family man, I’m the founder of Regenus Centers™ and the Performance Lifestyle® to help people recover from the excess stress of the past and learn how live in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind while achieving even their most ambitious goals.

I discovered that in order to truly live the best version of yourself, ultimately, one needs to get free of the curse of the capable and make the greatest and most important lifestyle change one can ever make. That is, get grounded in what you really are, so you can live authentically as who you really are and change how you perform in a lifestyle that supports you and what you are up to in the world.

It’s no easy feat and I am no super hero but it is now simplified.



  • 1982 - 1994

    The Origins
    of Overachieving
    Take Hold

    Becoming an Eagle Scout, Captain of 3 Sports, going to high school / college, running a business (s), training for bodybuilding contests, leading a social life and that’s the half of it.

    Becoming an Eagle Scout, Captain of 3 Sports, going to high school / college, running a business (s), training for bodybuilding contests, leading a social life and that’s the half of it.

    Yeah, I was trying to best my dad and prove myself for love and respect. It would be a long time before that would die out.
    By the time this phase was over, at 24, I felt like I was having a midlife crisis.

  • 1985 - 2003

    Getting in Over My
    Head, Tiring Out and
    the Long Overdue Paid

    The Internet Launched, so what does any self-respecting entrepreneur do? Dump what you’re doing an get involved in the new world, from the start.

    I had so much going on I was barely hanging on, but the opportunity was too great to sideline even though I did not really know what I was doing. Everyone was learning in real time during this phase.
    At the tail end of this phase, even working hard for another company for the first time, and successfully, it was like a vacation. I didn’t have to run the company.

  • 2003 - 2007

    Thinking I Had Solved
    My Performance Addiction,
    I Was Back at It Again

    In transition, this is where I first started to do something about my way of life, but the competitive drives that kept me keeping on,

    In transition, this is where I first started to do something about my way of life, but the competitive drives that kept me keeping on, were secretively being replaced by a desire to stop once abut I simply couldn’t.

    Overspent, in more ways than one, I simply could not keep it up anymore and had to go it alone. I need space and time to recover. It was during this time, I experienced divorce, bankruptcy and more.

  • 2008 - 2015

    The Beginning of the
    End of a Downward Spiral
    No One Could See,
    but I Was Experiencing.

    Low point in my life, following my last high school reunion, I picked up a book called Performance Addiction by Arthur P. Ciaramicoli PhD and just stopped.

    Toughest time changing the story of my life, imagine digging deep and learning to learn how to think differently but doing it with the pressure of writing a book!I was in the throes of addiction people praised me for. It would be years before I was experientially qualified to promote the book.
    So, I started a natural products nutrition company. It was during this time I woke up. Literally.

  • 2015 - 2018

    a New Beginning

    After years of virtually non-stop activity, and an accident caused by exhaustion, that nearly killed me;I stopped and literally bought the time and space to begin my recovery, and planning for a different future.

    My wife and I had a baby daughter Grace, aptly named for my now highest value. As part of my recovery, an entrepreneur will always be an entrepreneur. I expanded our company mission to include the recovery from excess stress, learned how to sleep and planned our first Regenus Center, while completing the Performance Lifestyle curriculum.

    It was not all smooth sailing, and just as challenging as ever, only now I was living a lifestyle that supported me and what I was up to in the world and I get better at it every.

    Turned 50 and now I plan to crush it, without getting crushed!

  • 2019-Present

    PL365® Launches

    A founding community of driven, goal and success oriented people (business professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, managers and working parents) who want to learn the new balanced and healthy approach to how we achieve our goals. and apply the Performance Lifestyle curriculum together. We're ALL in training.

    There are no Performance Lifestyle Guru's, just those who are competent and grounded in more experience than others in some or all aspects of Performance Lifestyle.
    As the Founder, I am approaching this period with the intent to serve others at a whole new level, with the full Performance Lifestyle curriculum together.
    We'll be focusing on Sleep Performance and Recovery most, during this time, while introducing PL and helping people understand what it means to develop a lifestyle that supports them and what they are up to in the world.
    Personally, I am making a "Regeneration Transformation," to recover as fully as possible from the excess stress of the past.
    I AM setting myself up for Crushing it, Without Getting Crushed.

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Together with my team, I help overwhelmed high achievers get grounded in the fundamentals of successful living; the full balance of lifestyle skills that enables you to manage your energy, stay healthy and perform at high levels to achieve your goals and have a better quality of life in the process.

Our mission is to give you the clarity, confidence and necessary skills to live-in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind
while achieving even your most ambitious goals.

Enlightened Performance Coaching will help you resolve the hidden challenge to a balanced and health high achieving life. Performance Lifestyle Training will help you resolve the fatigue that’s distracting and holding you back, evolve with the lifestyle mindset and skills set so you achieve your goals with your wellbeing intact.

Make the greatest and most important lifestyle change with Enlightened Performance Lifestyle® Coaching today. It will change your life for the better forever, and then start developing a performance lifestyle you can call your own. Our podcast and community will support you every step of the way.